Tiny Talks

Tiny Talks are devotion times for children during Sunday morning service. I like to call them, “Two minute meals for small congregations”.  They have been successfully performed in my congregation. Also, they have been created for an age group from very young to about 8 years old, although many adults enjoy them as well. I have written them out of my own creativity and for my own style of presentation. Therefore, I hope they may be useful to you as a starting point for ideas or you may mould and shaped it to suit your style of presentation. Or you can present them as they are.

Don’t be a bore by just reading a children’s story, use expression and drama to aid in communication. Communicating a gospel message to the children is best done with rehearsal and a quality production. In this way both the children and their parents who are also listening and watching will benefit and enjoy it. God bless you in your children’s ministry.

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