An Invitation

(A children’s talk for the season of Christmas.)

God’s invitation to us.

1. To teach that an invitation can be an expression of love.
2. To teach that God’s invitation is an expression of his love for us.

Focus Words:
1. invitation
2. come and see Jesus

1. A high visibility vest.
2. Make a ‘post’ label to be attached to the vest.
3. A large shoulder bag, similar to a postman’s mail bag.
4. Envelopes similar to the ones invitations are sent in.
5. A quantity of junk mail.
6. A Bible
7. A scooter (I borrowed my daughter’s scooter).
8. A bit of humour.

Dress up like a mail delivery person.
Place all the items (envelopes, junk mail, Bible) into the mail bag.

Drama Points:
1. When the children are in place, make a dramatic entry. Ride into the church on the scooter calling out, “Make straight the path for the postman”, and again, “Make straight the path for the postman”.

2. “Good morning everyone. This morning, I’m a postman. You can tell I’m a postman because of my mailbag and the all important official mail badge on my vest.”

3. “December has been a really busy month for me”. (Pull out the junk mail and envelopes in turn from the bag to show the children.)
“I’ve delivered a lot of junk mail, but most of all I have delivered a lot of invitations. Invitations come in a lot different coloured envelopes and sizes, some are really big. There are invitations for end of school celebration, end of year celebrations, end of work celebration, wedding invitation, birthday invitations, and of course the many Christmas invitations.”

4. ”Truly, December is really the season of invitations”.

5. ”Invitations are sent to the people whom we love and want to be with. They are sent to family and friends, they are the people we love and want to be with.”

6. “There was one invitation that still remains the biggest and the best ever. It was so big and important that people wrote about it in the Bible. (At this time pull out the Bible from the mail bag.) God sent this invitation. He must have loved them a lot.”

7. “Put your hand up if you can tell me to whom did God send this very special invitation?” You may have to throw this question out to the wider congregation for an answer. The answer of course is, ‘The shepherds’.

8. “It happened like this. One dark night, while the shepherds were looking after their sheep, the heavens opened and there was an angel shinning brighter than all the stars put together. The angel was a messenger from God, like a postman really inviting the shepherds to Bethlehem, to come and see the new born baby Jesus.”

9. “God so loved the shepherds that he invited them to Jesus’ birthday.”

10. “But wait there’s more. Then the heavens opened even further and the shepherds saw a choir of angels of a 1000 or maybe even 10,000 angels all singing, ‘Glory to God in the highest’.”

11. “I don’t know of any other invitation that was as big or as spectacular as the one God sent to the shepherds to come and see Jesus on his birthday. God must have really loved them and wanted them to be with Jesus.”

12. “As God invited the shepherds who were just ordinary people like you and me, so he invites all of us to come and see Jesus. God loves you as he did the shepherds like a member of his family.”

13. Let us finish with prayer. “Dear God, you are our Father in heaven. We thank you for the love that you have for all of us. And we thank you for inviting us all to come and see Jesus on his birthday. Amen.”

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