Australia Day

(This children’s talk was presented at a combined Australia Day and Harvest Thanksgiving service.)

God shares with us.

1. To teach that God shares the things he has with us.
2. To teach that we too can share the things that God has given us.

Focus Word:
1. Sharing

1. The usual Harvest Thanksgiving display.
2. Within that display there should be an Australia’s flag and other Australian icons.
3. Bible.
4. A large World Map to be drawn on.
5. Cardboard or similar to stick the map on to it.
6. A marker pen to mark the world map.
7. Chocolate ‘Freddo’ Frogs.
8. A cooler bag with ice brick to keep the chocolate from melting.

Stick the world map to the cardboard.
I placed all the items (Bible, marker pen, chocolate, ice brick) into the cooler bag.

Drama Points:
1. When the children are in place start as soon as possible it helps settle them and gain their attention.
“Good morning everyone, look at the wonderful display in church today. Today, we are celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving and also we continue to celebrate Australia Day which was a few days ago. Above all, today we are celebrating all the good things that God gives us, especially Australia, the land that we live in.”

2. Point to the world map and point out the land of Australia, and briefly mention where the congregation is situated in Australia.

3. “Who owns Australia?”
The children are church wise. They already have the answer that fits most questions and they replied with, “God”.
Be prepared that someone may give the answer, “The aborigines.”
“It is true that the aborigines were the first to live in Australia and they are sharing their home with us as we also are sharing Australia with many people from other countries.”

4. “You are right, God is the answer.”
Pull out the Bible and open it up to the beginning.
“The answer is written in the Bible. It is written that God made the heaven and earth, he made the stars and the moon, he made the land and the water, he made all the plants and animals that live on it, and he even made you and me. Therefore, it is fair to say that Australia belongs to God.”

5. “One of the reasons I like God is because he shares everything he has with us. He is sharing this land of Australia with us so that we can have a home here.”

6. “God would like us to share everything that he has given us. He would like us to share this land with all the plants so that they too have a place to live and grow. He would like us to share this land with all the animals so that they too have a place to live and grow. (Where applicable, point to the various items on display). And God would like us to share this land with the people who want to come and make their home here.

7. Use the marker pen to draw lines on the world map. Draw lines from the countries of peoples’ origin to Australia.
“Today, we share Australia with many people from all over the world. Let’s draw a line on the map to see where we have all come from. Let’s begin with England, Germany, China, and India …etc.

8. “As you can see from the world map, as God is sharing everything he has, we too are sharing the land of Australia with people from all over the world who have come to make their home here.”

9. Let us finish with prayer.
“Dear God, thank you for loving us and sharing everything you have with us. Help us to share our land of Australia with the plants, the animals, and all the people who have come here to make it their home. Amen.”

10. Before the children return to their seats, engage them in an ‘Aussy’ Day quiz question.
“What are some of the traditional/special foods that you might eat on Australia Day?”
Expected answers are: lamb chops on the barbecue, lamingtons, Pavlova, and chocolate ‘Freddo’ frogs.

11. “It just so happens that I have a whole bag of ‘Freddo’ frogs with me and I would like to share them with you. Put your hand up if you would like a ‘Freddo’ frog?”
As expected, they all want one and they take one as they return to their seats.

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