The Empty Throne

Theme: Holiness

1. To teach that Jesus is holy because he descends his throne and gets down to help others.
2. To teach that we too can follow Jesus and be holy by getting down from our own throne and helping others.

1. one chair
2. one crown

Drama Points:
1. Set up the chair in front of the children preferably in the sanctuary so that it is elevated. Place the crown on the chair.

2. Give reasons why the chair is a throne ie.: it is elevated, it is a long way from every one, and it has a crown sitting on it.

3. Sit on the throne and wear the crown. Claim it as your own throne, one from home.
4. Talk about kings and queens having thrones in their palaces and castles. Everyone has a throne.

5. One important activity happens from the throne, shouting.

6. From your throne, shout out orders over the children’s heads to the congregation ie.: “Go and clean my room,” “bring my slippers.” Etc.

7. Engage the children. Ask them whether they have a throne at home, perhaps in front of the TV. Do they sometimes shout, “Mum, I’m hungry, bring me something to eat.’? Then they have throne too.

8. Talk about Jesus and his throne. Jesus has a throne in heaven. It’s bigger, better, brighter than anyone. It’s higher and further away from everyone. Yet, Jesus does not shout from his throne. Jesus is holy not because he doesn’t shout but because he is not there.

9. Stand up from your throne and motion how Jesus descends from his throne and gets down to help all people. That is holiness, descending from one’s throne and getting down to help others.

10. Talk to the children about praying. Every time, when we pray Jesus descends from his throne and gets down right beside us to hear us pray so that he can help us.

11. Role model what Jesus would do. Descend from your throne on the sanctuary and get down with the children with a concluding prayer. As you descend from your throne, remind the children that you are following Jesus and being holy like Jesus.

12. Conclude with prayer, “Dear Jesus, we thankyou for being holy, we thankyou that you have come down from your throne to help all people. We thank you that you have come down to hear our prayer. Help us that we too may become like you, to come down from our throne to help others. Amen.”

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