The Invisible God

This children’s talk is useful for Holy Trinity Sunday

Theme: The invisible God

1. To teach that anything invisible is difficult to talk about.
2. To teach that the invisible God is revealed through Jesus.
3. To teach that now we can talk about God by looking at Jesus.

1. Invisible God.
2. Look at Jesus.

1. Shoe box.
2. One pretend invisible thing to put into the shoe box.
3. Pictures of Jesus: Jesus in the manger, Jesus healing a child, Jesus calming a storm, Jesus feeding the crowd of five thousand, Jesus teaching the crowd.

Drama Points:
1. To help settle the children, begin as quickly as possible.

2. “Good morning everyone. This morning I have brought something very special to show you. It’s right here inside my shoe box. I’ll get it out to show you.”

3. Remember, the thing you are showing is invisible. Go through the motion of placing something on your hand to hold. Pretend you are adjusting things on it. In this way, it will add interest and curiosity to your mime.

4. “Not everyone can see this wonderful thing that I’m holding. Can someone please call out in a loud voice what it is?”
(Be prepared for the obvious response. “There’s nothing there.” Simply, ignore them.)

5. “If you don’t know its name, then can you describe it to the people who can’t see it? What colour is it? What shape is it? How tall is it? Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral in nature?
(The response will become persistent, “There’s nothing there.”

6. “The thing that I am holding is invisible. It is very difficult to talk about something that is invisible.”

7. “As you all know, God is also invisible and it is very difficult to talk about anything that is invisible.
(Put away the invisible thing that you were still holding back into the shoe box. And bring out the pictures of Jesus.)

8. “Although God is invisible, he wanted us to see him, so that we could talk about him and become his friends. God did something very special. He came down from heaven to earth and was born a baby. He was called Jesus. Now we can see God, and we can see him doing a lot of wonderful things. And now, we can call him by his name, Jesus.”
(Show the picture of baby Jesus in the manger.)

9. “When we look at Jesus we can see how much God loves us.”
(Show the other pictures of Jesus showing his love for us. When you hold up a picture to show, begin with “When you look at Jesus, you can see him………..)

10. Let us finish with prayer.
“Dear God we thank you for coming to us on earth so that we could see you and call you by name, Jesus. Through Jesus we can see how much you love us. Help us to love other people as you have loved them. Amen.

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