The Trinity

This Children’s talk is very useful on the occasion of Trinity Sunday.

Theme: The Trinity

Aim: 1. To teach the meaning of the word trinity.
2. To teach that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God.
3. To teach that the Trinity is a trinity of love.

Key words: 1. trinity on earth,
2. the Trinity in heaven
3. very useful

Materials: 1. a carry bag.
2. a triangle (musical instrument)
3. a tricycle (I made one from LEGO blocks)
4. a trilogy (I used the books from Lord of the Rings)
5. a trident (I used a three pronged cake fork)
6. a tripod ( I used a music stand)
7. a piece of folded card with the word trinity written on it.

Preparation: Have the strip of card as long as a ruler for large lettering. Fold it in half so that it still has its rectangular shape. Write on the card the words, tri unity. Fold the card once more so that the word tri moves over and covers the letter u. With the card folded the appearance of the word will be trinity. Now, unfold the card and write underneath the word tri the number 3, and the number 1 under the word unity. Fold it up again and it is ready to go.

Drama points:
1. To help settle the children, begin as quickly as possible.

2. “Today, we celebrate Trinity Sunday. Now, let’s think, the Trinity is God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (count using your fingers). That’s three, and yet we say that’s one God. How can that be? How can three be one? Is any one confused?”

3. “Let’s first of all look at the word trinity.” From the carry bag pull out the pre made card with word trinity written on it. Show them the word trinity.

4. “This is a very clever word. It is made up of two words.” Unfold the card so that the word tri moves away and reveals the word unity. Now, fold down the reverse flap to reveal the number three and number one under their respective words.

5. “Tri is another word meaning three, and unity is another word meaning one. And so when the three and the one move together (fold the card together moving the tri over the letter u to form the word trinity) there is something new, a new word, trinity.”

6. “If you look around, you will find lots of trinities here on earth, and there are quite few right here in church. I have brought a few to show you that I have found at home.” Bring out the music stand.

7. “This music stand is a trinity on earth. It is tripod. It has three legs and yet it is one stand. It is very useful for holding music books.” Bring out the LEGO made tricycle.

8. “Here is another trinity on earth, a tricycle. It has three wheels to make this one tricycle. It is very useful to play with, and I’m sure some of you will have a larger tricycle at home to ride on.” Bring out the triangle.

9. “Here is another trinity on earth, a triangle. It has three sides to make this one special shape. It is very useful in making this musical sound (strike the triangle to make a musical sound).” Bring out the three books.

10. “Here is another trinity on earth, a trilogy. These books are: Lord of the Rings part 1, Lord of the Rings part 2, and Lord of the Rings part 3. There are three books and yet one story. They are very useful for reading.” Bring out the cake fork.

11. “And here is my final trinity on earth, a small trident. It has three prongs to make one cake fork. It is very useful in eating cake.”

12. “But in heaven there is only one trinity, the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is God. That brings us back to the beginning of our talk about the Trinity. The Holy Trinity in heaven is made up of, God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, that’s three and yet one God.”

13. “We know that the tricycle is very useful to play with, and the cake fork is very useful to eat cake with, and so what is the Holy Trinity useful for? (This question can also be put to the rest of the congregation)

14. “The Holy Trinity is love. God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all very good at loving us, giving, and caring for us. That’s what they are good at, loving us.

15. Conclude with prayer: “Dear Holy Trinity, we thank you for loving us, for taking care of us. Help us this week to be kind and loving to others at school, at home, and wherever we are. Amen.

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