The Wedding Garment

Based on Matthew 22: 1-14, The Parable of the Wedding Banquet.

Theme: God gathers us into his family.

Objective: To teach that God gathers us into his family.

Materials: A colourful blanket or car rug.

Drama Points:
It is important to use movement and action in this presentation. The blanket will be used as an imaginary cloak. Therefore, move about wearing the cloak as much as possible.

1.. To help settle the children, begin as quickly as possible.

2.. “Today, I’m wearing my cloak. It’s long, and colourful, and it follows me around when I turn. I know it is only a blanket, but today I’m pretending it is a piece of clothing, a cloak.”

3.. “At the time of Jesus, everyone wore a cloak. They didn’t have nice warm sweaters like we have today. At night, when it was cold they would wrap the cloak around them to keep warm. And during the day, when they went walking in the hot sun they would lift the cloak over their heads to keep the sun off.”

4.. “The people at the time of Jesus would also use their cloak spread out on the ground to sit on so that their cloths would remain clean while eating their lunch.”

5.. “At a wedding everyone would wear their best cloak, especially the groom. His cloak would be more beautiful than anyone else at the wedding. At the end of the wedding ceremony he would take off his wedding cloak and put it around the bride. It was a way of showing everyone that they now belonged together. It was also a way of showing everyone that he will protect and care for his new bride. With the cloak around the bride they were ready to leave together.”

6.. “Jesus tells us this story of the wedding cloak to tell us how much God loves us. God loves us so much that it is like putting a wedding cloak around me, around you, around everyone. We are like his bride, and he will care for us in everyway. By putting the wedding cloak around us, he has gathered us into his family, we belong to him.”

7.. Finish with prayer. “Dear Jesus, thank you for the story about the wedding cloak that talked about God’s love for us. Thank you for loving us and gathering us into your family. Help us also to love each other. Amen.”

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