Walking On Water

(This children’s talk is based on Matthew 14: 22-33)

Walking with Jesus

1. To show that a crisis or a storm can separate a person from life.
2. To teach that Jesus will walk with you through a storm.

1. One large cup or mug.
2. One pair of brightly coloured socks to wear.
3. One handkerchief

1. Timing and an element of surprise are important.

Drama Points:
1. As long as the children can see, leave them in their seats. You don’t want them too close where they can see you pretending to have water in the cup.

2. As you walk out to take your position in front of the audience, take a drink from your cup so that the people watching will think the cup is full.

3. “Good morning everyone, today’s children’s talk is based on this morning’s Gospel story where Jesus walks on water and Peter has a go at it too. Throughout the week, I have been practising walking on water too. And I would like to demonstrate my technique this morning”.

4. “I will just put my cup down to do this”.

Important! As you put the cup down on the carpet floor make sure it tips over and spills the imaginary content. This will become your crisis or storm to deal with.

5. “Oh no! *#^@*! I have spilled water all over the carpet. I will need to mob it up straight away or people will complain that I have ruined the carpet. This is not a good morning for me”.

6. Quickly get down on your knees and start mopping up the wet area with your handkerchief. Then wring out the ‘moisture’ back into the cup. Check for dryness on the carpet.

7. “No, it is still very wet. I have an idea. I will use my Super Soaker Socks to dry up this patch”.

Take off your shoes and run on the spot where it is ‘wet’. It will be like ‘walking on water’. Then check for dryness.

“Finally, it is dry. But my socks are wet”.

Take off your ‘wet’ socks to dry them somewhere. The crisis or storm is over. Now it is time to engage the audience once more.

8. “What you saw was a demonstration of a crisis or a storm in my life albeit a storm in a tea cup. As with many crisis or storms in a person’s life, everything comes to a stop, the usual activities come to a stop, friendships stop, life comes to a stop, all because we are fearful and focussed on a storm in our own life”.

9. “Like in the Gospel story of this morning, we too are like Peter. Whether we know it or not, Jesus is on his way when you are faced with a storm in your life. He is there ready to take your hand and lift you up. Jesus will walk with you through the storm and back into life. Call out to Jesus and he will take your hand.”

10. “One could say, that a measure of faith is how well one walks through a storm”.

11. Let us pray: “Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me. Save me when I am in trouble. Take my hand and walk me through my storm and back into life. Amen”.

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